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1- As soon as people saw the 1908 Blanket, they were GONE    JU FBI  

2- Thank you, our order just arrived and my business is brisk  KC USDOJ  

3- Got them last week. Spectacular and they're getting attention.  Thank you.  It looks great.  CC ATF  

4- Got the throw and it was awesome.  Thanks so much Ken. CA J  

5- We received our package for you last week, thank you so much, my boss was very pleased with everything.  AC US Embassy  

6-“I have been purchasing from Blanket The World for over 10 years.  The quality of the merchandise and the customer service has always been very good.  Blanket the World is constantly coming up with new products and designs to add to their inventory of items to purchase with our agency.  They have always been very charitable in donating to our various fundraising events and supporting the law enforcement community.”  DF USDOJ  

7- The jackets look great!   DC IPS  

8- I want to thank you for making our t-shirt order a success.  LK USMS  

9- Wow…you have a customer for life!  Thank you so much!  MW USDOJ  

10- A pleasure working w/ you.  Westin Hotel  

11- Hat looks GREAT!  MW ATF

12- Your stuff was so popular, here is second order.  Please advise if you have any questions.  Thanks. VK USDOJ

13-  Love everything I have seen.  The duffle bag exceeds expectations.  WD AAP                   

14- I have been meaning to call you to thank you for the shirts. They came out great. I'm sure I'll be ordering more.  JC USMS  

15-  I love the shirts and stuff you have put together for that agency.  I like both the Polo shirts and the Denim shirts.  ID UST  

16- Thank you Ken and Chris.  The throw arrived perfectly on time.  The personalization was letter perfect.   You guys are tops! PM USMS  

17- Thanks Ken. Blankets look great.  JH NAC  

18-Hello Ken, just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived in plenty of time and they look great!  Thanks again for all of your help and look forward to doing this again next year. HR US Embassy  

19-That is very generous, thank you.  I will clearly be a repeat customer.  Enjoy the holidays.  CJ USDOJ  

20- I finally got around to opening all 3 boxes and counting the blankets. They are beautiful, and we will start selling them at the embassy bazaar this month.  LC US Embassy  

21- The embroidered Cable throw is the loveliest and MOST appreciated, lasting closing gift I have given. VL A&C  

22-  Thanks so much for the GREAT throws. They are beautiful. There will be many more to come for all my closings – my clients just love them  BA Caldwell Banker  

23- Got the shirts last week. Spectacular and they're getting attention.  CC ATF  

24- We had good success with the cable knit throws and need to order more.  BM FBI