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Officially Authorized Supplier of Department of Homeland Security Merchandise.
In accordance with our agreement with DHS, all orders must be verified by a DHS email address.
Orders must contain official DHS email address for verification.
Orders will not be shipped without verification.
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DHS Acyrlic Cable Knit Throw DHS American Flag Knit Throw DHS Blue Line Flag Knit Throw
DHS Cable Knit Throw DHS Fleece Blanket with Carrying Strap DHS Mountain Lodge Blanket
DHS Cable Knit Throw
Our Price: $60.00
DHS Nylon/Fleece Travel Blanket DHS Packable Travel Blanket DHS Picnic Blanket
DHS Picnic Blanket
Our Price: $56.50
DHS Pink Sweatshirt Blanket DHS Sweatshirt Blanket DHS Ultra Plush Blanket
DHS Sweatshirt Blanket
Our Price: $27.50
DHS Ultra Plush Blanket
Our Price: $35.00
DHS-Badge Throw DHS-Seal Throw
DHS-Badge Throw
Our Price: $70.00
DHS-Seal Throw
Our Price: $65.00